Zipzicle® Pouches (18 pack)


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Create your own zip-top pops with Zipzicle® pouches.

    • Safety by design
    • No sticks
    • No small parts to lose or lids to replace
    • Reinforced sides and durable material
    • Easily make large batches
    • Perfect for parties, teams,  & families
    • Great for on-the-go snacking
    • You control the ingredients
    • No allergy worries
    • Provides healthy choices
    • BPA Free, BPS Free, Phthalate Free
    • 18 pouches per package

Perfect for parties! Both children and adults love homemade ice pops and with Zipzicle® pouches it is easy to make large batches. Check out our many recipes for great flavor ideas. Pureed fresh fruit or creamy additions are among the favorites for kids. Adults can get even more creative with cocktail inspired ideas like fruit daiquiris, or tangy margaritas. Each pouch has an area to label flavors so everyone will know which ice-pops are their own.

With safety in mind, Zipzicle® pouches are made from high quality freezer-grade material – strong and durable, but still soft on mouths. Side seals are reinforced to prevent splitting. There are no sticks or small parts to lose, making Zipzicle® pouches both portable and convenient.

Homemade goodness with store bought convenience, Zipzicle® pouches are fun for all ages. Each package contains 18 pouches. Each pouch holds approximately 2.5 fluid ounces when filled to recommended volume line. BPA-free and Recyclable.

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