Our Story

 Our Story of how Zipzicle brand products were invented


This is Luke! Our inspiration and one of the happy inventors of Zipzicle® zip-top ice-pop bags. In 2009, we discovered that Luke could not eat items that contained strong food dyes. Talking with other parents we soon found out we were not alone. Many children and adults have special dietary considerations, including those that are life threatening.  Purchasing commercially available ice pops was not an option and overwhelmingly parents wanted healthy choices and the ability to make “real” food!

We began making our own ice pops at home using traditional hard molds with sticks. One day while in the car Luke made the comment, “too bad we can’t bring them with us.” Well that was all it took. It was our “a-ha!” moment. Soon we were all off and running with the idea for making Zipzicle® ice-pops at home.


Product Development

group of boys with Zipzicle ice pops

Through extensive prototyping, market testing, and employing smart design, Zipzicle® ice-pop pouches are created with safety and convenience in mind, using FDA approved freezer-safe high-grade material.

Listening to customer feedback, we also reinforced the side seals of the pouch resulting in optimal strength and durability, while remaining soft on mouths. Working closely with top manufacturers in the food industry, we continue to seek improvements and add to our product line.

Our Growth

girls on boat with Zipzicle ice pops

With our patents in place we launched the e-commerce website and have been moving fast ever since. In just a few short months we entered markets in 24 countries, and formed business partnerships in Australia, Canada, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Zipzicle® pouches have been featured in SHAPE magazine, have appeared on Good Morning America, and are highlighted in the cooking, lifestyle, and health media. In 2014 we welcomed Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby to our growing list of retailers. In 2019 we began distribution in Japan.

Trust the Original

patent stamp Unfortunately many family-owned and small businesses have experienced problems with "copy-cat" products being sold, many made with cheaper and perhaps even unsafe materials and processes. In the end it is our many fantastic customers and quality retailers that make the difference.
If you choose to support the original Zipzicle® brand, you will experience excellent customer service, a brand that cares, and you will be part of our mission to give back to the community.

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