Each pouch holds approximately 3 fluid ounces (95 ml) when filled to the recommended level (fill line). Each pouch is designed with reinforced side seals.

Zipzicle® pouches are patented and specifically produced for freezing ice-pops. They are made from material widely used in the frozen food industry to provide safety and durability. The material we use is food-safe, freezer-grade, and third party tested BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free.

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The possibilities are almost endless. From fresh fruit purees, to mixed cocktail inspired recipes, the choice is yours. There is one exception however. We do not recommend using Zipzicle® pouches to freeze soda. Heavily carbonated drinks expand as they freeze and can make quite the mess, regardless of the type of container or ice-pop mold used. Blending your favorite soda with ice cream or yogurt however, is a great way to make Zipzicle® ice-pop floats, as long as the carbonation is reduced before freezing.

Absolutely not! Zipzicle® pouches are easy to fill using a funnel or batter pen (such as the Pancake Pen®). You can even use a kitchen baster. If your filling is thin (ie. juice) simply pinch the top open and pour in directly.

Once sealed we recommend placing each Zipzicle® ice-pop pouch in the freezer standing upright – within a mug or cup works well and saves space.

We have customers who choose to reuse the pouches and with the reinforced design and durable material, they have done so successfully. Others prefer to use and recycle. The number of times a pouch can be used depends entirely on handling, as well as content, and temperature, and therefore cannot be guaranteed. If you choose to re-use, simply wash with warm soapy water, rinse and air dry. To dry, place a few drinking straws in a glass and slide a single pouch over each straw. Baby bottle drying racks work great for air drying as well. For safety, be sure to check each pouch to ensure it is intact, without holes or bite marks, especially when children are involved.

No. Putting the pouch in the microwave is not recommended. It can create hot spots that can cause burns while eating. It is better to hold the ice-pop under warm water for a few seconds or simply warm in your hands. This also makes it easier to open the zip.

Simply place the zip under warm water for a few seconds to soften the zipper closure.

We sure do. We ship worldwide to most countries. If you find your country is not on the list, please write to us.