5 Fun and Cool Kids Birthday Ideas

  1. DIY Zipzicle® Ice Pops

Zipzicle® DIY ice pop pouches are so fun and easy to make. Choose a recipe or invent your own – and you can even make the colors of your DIY popsicles match your birthday party theme. Zipzicles can be made with wholesome, real food to give kids a healthy treat without icky dyes, preservatives, and boat loads of refined sugar like store-bought ice pops.

Plus, you can make some DIY cocktail ice pops for the adults at the party!  Just be sure to place them completely out of kids’ reach.

Zipzicle® DIY ice pop pouches make a fun, affordable party favor for kids to take home too!

DIY ice pop popsicle pouches easy to make

  1. Paint Day

“Paint Night” has become popular and it’s so fun to go out for drinks / food and paint following step-by-step instructions by an instructor. Everyone paints the same picture, but everyone’s comes out totally different. It’s a really cool experience.

You can replicate this experience and create a “Paint Day” at your kids’ birthday party (for older kids – not toddlers although they can still have fun with the paint!).

First, find a simple kids’ level DIY paint instructional video on YouTube.   Next, get the supplies. You can be fancy and provide each child with their own canvas ($5 – $10 each) and table top paint easel ($2 – $6 each and then reuse for future parties), or you can create these cool kids DIY cardboard easels shared by Art Bar with taped paper.

A painting is a great party memento to bring home from a birthday party!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Cruise Ships do this really cool scavenger hunt and it would be fun for kids to do at a birthday party!  Depending on the total number of kids (adults can play too), divide everyone up into teams. Teams of three to five people are ideal.

Each team receives a paper that has the alphabet from A to Z with lines next to it. Each team gets a big basket. How it works it each team must find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet in the house or wherever you are (you may limit which rooms/area they can play in), write it down on their paper, and put it in the basket.  So for example, for the letter “A” could be “Allspice” from the kitchen.  “B” could be “bill” for a dollar bill. “C” could be copy paper.

The first team back to the starting point with all their items gets a prize (have a prize for each team member). Then when all teams are back the moderator says each letter aloud and the teams show what they brought back for that letter. If another team has the same item – no point. If a team has an item that no other team brought back, they get a point.

The team with the most points gets a prize. Then after it’s all said and done, have prizes prepped for the other teams as well to make it fair.

You can put a time limit too like 20 minutes or 30 minutes to make it more challenging.

  1. Photo Booth

There are cool photo booth services that you can rent with props and nifty photos printed or emailed…or you can create a DIY Photo Booth. The Spruce shared amazing photo booth ideas for kids’ birthday parties.  First decide on the backdrop. Then add props and even costumes to match. Make sure the lighting is good so there are no shadows when the photos are taken. Any new cell phone will have a good enough camera to take the photos. You can get even more crafty and create a birthday party hashtag and add this to the photo in a photo editing app and email to the guests after the party is over.

  1. Give Back

Teaching kids kindness and giving back especially on their special day where they are used to receiving, is a cool way to celebrate!  I saw on Pinterest this idea to create a Birthday Party in a Bag, a bag full of all the supplies for a child’s birthday party from cake mix, tin cake pan, candles, balloons, banners, plates, cups, napkins, and more to donate to a child in need.  Spruce it up even more and add a Target gift card.

You can do this project with just your child/family, or you can ask for $5 donation from each guest to buy even more supplies and then create an assembly line at the party and have all the kids help create multiple bags.

Birthday parties are so fun for kids!  You can still go all out without spending a fortune and choose some amazing DIY ideas that kids will love.  Check out our DIY ice pop pouches for easy to make popsicles.  You will love having an easy, grab-n-go snack on hand.