This is Luke! Our inspiration and one of the happy inventors of Zipzicle® DIY zip-top ice-pop pouches.

In 2009, we discovered that Luke could not eat items that contained strong food dyes. Talking with other parents we soon found out we were not alone. Many children and adults have special dietary considerations, including those that are life threatening.   Purchasing commercially available ice pops was not an option and overwhelmingly parents wanted healthy choices and the ability to make “real” food!

When it comes to popsicles, many include allergens like dyes not to mention a boat load of sugar and other icky ingredients. Yes, families can just cut out popsicles all together, but that’s no fun…

So, we began making our own DIY ice pops at home using traditional hard molds with sticks. It was a solution, but the process wasn’t too user-friendly – especially for kids and busy moms.

One day while in the car Luke made the comment, “too bad we can’t bring them with us.” Well that was all it took. It was our “aha!” moment. Soon we were all off and running with the idea for Zipzicle® zip-top ice pop pouches for families to make DIY popsicles.

Just fill, zip, and freeze – ice pops to grab and go…and bring anywhere!


Through extensive prototyping, market testing, and employing smart design, Zipzicle® ice-pop pouches are created with safety and convenience in mind, using BPA-free freezer-grade material. Listening to customer feedback, we also reinforced the side seals of the pouch resulting in optimal strength and durability. Working closely with top manufacturers in the food industry, we continue to seek improvements and add to our product line.


In May 2013 we launched the e-commerce website and have been moving fast ever since. In just a few short months we entered markets in 24 countries, and formed business partnerships in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. Zipzicle® pouches were featured in SHAPE and Better Homes & Gardens magazines, have appeared on Good Morning America, and are highlighted in the cooking, lifestyle, and health media.

In 2015 we welcomed Bed Bath and Beyond and select Safeway stores along with other grocery outlets.
Look for our products on clip-strips throughout the store.

In 2018 we launched a newly branded ecommerce website and to celebrate we are giving away
free Zipzicle® DIY ice pop pouches for a year here.